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Flexible Body Deformation

Simulation | Feb. 2018 (12 weeks) | OpenGL

For undergraduate lab work. I designed the deformation method for flexible body, and make a simple system demo. The project uses a Position-Based Dynamics method that I realized to connect with the physical model I got from the geometric mesh of the lung model. It can deal with two simple interaction: grab and cut.

Notable Contributions:

  • Designing a soft body deformation method based on Position-Based Dynamics (PBD) using Shape Matching Constraint.

  • Designing a particle generating method using a mesh grid from model file to represent the physics information of the soft body.

  • Designing a coupling between the geometric model and the physical model.

  • Designing a soft body cutting simulation method based on Unit Duplicating concept using Delaunay Triangulation.

Flexible Body Deformation: Project
Flexible Body Deformation: Team Members

Jiajun Tan


Flexible Body Deformation
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