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Wacky Safari

Game | Sep. 2018 (2 Weeks) | HTC Vive

For Round 2 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center. Our team uses Vive with trackers to develop a game-like experience demonstrating the concept of freedom. The game builds up the environment for the guest so that he/she feels like it's in a safari park, and gives the guest a camera so that he/she could enjoy this adventure. The guest will take pictures of whatever they want, but will automatically capture the moment that we design which will trigger the next moment.

The experience was selected as 1 of 16 to be showcased at the festival.

Notable Contributions:

  • The idea of implementing a camera inside VR and taking pictures during the experience.

  • Design of using the wireless mouse in the prop which takes the right button as taking pictures, left button as viewing picture, and scroll as zooming in and out.

  • The idea of having the bird as the first target with the voice over "Look, there is a bird!" to smoothly indicate the guest to learn and feel smart in the game.

  • The climax moment of glowing small fish gathered and formed a huge whale-like group which doing the same animation that the whale does.

  • The idea of saving the pictures took from the game which brought surprise to guests.

Safari Adventure: Projects
Safari Adventure: Team Members

Zhiguo Lai

Programmer & Producer

Safari Adventure: Videos

Camera Prop:

Fixed wireless mouse in a cardboard frame, attached with HTC Vive tracker. The right mouse button for taking pictures, the left mouse button for the gallery, and the scroll zoomed in and out while in picture mode and traversed through images while in gallery mode.

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