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One Last Dance

I'd say this is the craziest thing I ever did, that I decided to witness the last game of one of the most outstanding basketball players, Dwayne Wade. I prepared the ending of a hero to be emotional, but still got extremely moved when "We Want Wade", and "One More Year" shouted uniformly rang the Barclays Center.

It makes me remind just a few years ago, Kobe Bryant scored 60 in his last game. Every story will eventually have an ending, and the one that always be by our side must be hardest to say goodbye. Whether we want it or not, there will always be this one last dance. And this also applied to game, the character in the game will eventually step to an end.

There is no easy goodbye, that's probably why most of the impressive ending convey the sad feeling. (To avoid spoiler, I'd just do a simple summary) Some games would make the player character, or some important accompanying character, died after its honorable life, which always act pretty well for a farewell, like you eventually fulfilled your destiny, and the friend accompanying you the whole way can finally have a rest. Some games would make the end a symbol of the next start, reaching the end isn't over because it's too hard to believe it, so some fake expectation could fill the emptiness of a player. Since it's too hard to put a proper end, some games would just leave an open end for player to think and yearn.

I may got too emotional after this huge event for me. But still this event makes me think more than one game's ending. What if a series game that we played when we are very young come to an end? For me I can't even imagine what will happen if Pokemon finally announced next generation will be the last one. If there would be that day, what's going to be in that farewell ceremony?

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