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Photoshoot from Hell

Game | Oct. 2018 (1 Week) | Kinect 2

For Round 3 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center. Our team uses Kinect 2 to develop a game demonstrating the concept of fun. The game plays a joke on the idea of pose game which presents the guests in the scene of hell photoshooting, while the real game is about moving exaggeratedly to shake and wave away the creepy animals. In the game, the guest will take 8 rounds and receive a credit cover and a bonus video in the end.

The experience was selected as 1 of 16 to be showcased at the festival.

Notable Contributions:

  • Using the Kinect 2 to record the action of a real human and editing it to be proper for the example model.​

  • Recording the bonus video showing the guest the moment that they are in the game.

  • Designing the mechanism that enables the game to take either one or two players in the game. 

Photoshoot from Hell: Projects
Photoshoot from Hell: Team Members

Tiantian(Tina) Han


Photoshoot from Hell: Videos
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