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Nano Fabrication VR Training

Application | July 2019 (8 Weeks) | Oculus Quest

Nano Fabrication VR Training is a 360 interactive live-action VR application for Nano Fabrication Lab of CMU to help with their training process. The whole training was divided into 3 parts with multiple questions and interactable information in it. Students could learn the instruction by trying VR experiences and in the meantime receive proper feedback on their testing result which will better locate their confusion to ask specifically.

Solo programming experience.

Notable Contributions:

  • Implementation of the whole interaction system of hovering and pressing.

  • Implementation of the "pause point system" which could work for different interaction points including questions, info, and evacuation map.

  • Implementation of the save system which could save the user's current process so that he/she could start from where he/she left.

  • Using Unity Asset Bundle to accompany with Oculus Quest's problem of app larger than 1G.

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