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Game | Nov. 2018 (3 Weeks) | Oculus Rift + PC

For Round 5 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center. Our team uses Oculus with touch together with Thrustmaster to develop a multiplayer asymmetrical cooperation battle game. The game contains two teams, each has a driver in charge of moving and an attacker in charge of operating. The world contains diverse elements, like the magnet as the tool, spikey balls as the weapons, rocks as the obstacles, crystals as the points, batteries as the boosting items, and the big gem as the key to winning. The two team needs to try their best to get the big gem and take it back to their home. There are two winning conditions, one is to take the gem home, the other is to have more points when time's up.

The experience was selected as 1 of 16 to be showcased at the festival.


Notable Contributions:

  • Carrying out the innovative 4-player asymmetrical cooperation battle game mode which is unique in originality.

  • Implementing the network of the game.

  • Clarifying the game by setting a flag-catching goal.

  • Implementing the magnet function which provides an enjoyable experience for VR player.

  • Functioning out a reborn mechanism which makes the world still operating when an accidental crash of car happens.

  • Designing the map and rule which gives the game great depth.

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Zhiyu Bai

Artist & Producer

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