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Journey with Howard Chandler

Application | June 2019 (8 Weeks) | iOS

"Journey with Howard Chandler is a mobile application for iPhone, that will feature intimate interview footage of Holocaust Survivor Howard Chandler as he tells his life story, from childhood, through the Holocaust, and beyond. This experience will capture and preserve the core of what makes CWB’s Poland Personally trip special: Howard Chandler’s incredible story, presence, spirit, and passion for Holocaust education." More information could be found here.

The project initially started from April 2018 to April 2019. My work was finalizing the project and adding the authentication function.

Notable Contributions:

  • Implementation of authentication function using Google Firebase.

  • Design of a 3 images stitching method to make the iOS app’s UI compatible with both iPhone 6-8 and iPhone X.

  • Adding the forward and backward function to the video play.

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