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Project | Jan. 2019 (15 Weeks) | Tap + Android

Project Houdini is a discovery project working with the Tap device, which is a wearable keyboard that can be used on multiple platforms with only one hand. The goal of the project is to explore the innovative use scenarios where Tap serves either as a standalone product or part of an integrated system including but not limited to integration with AR/VR devices. It aims to modify user’s input behavior, improve the input experience of certain user groups and ultimately bring impact to society.

Complete 11 prototypes and 2 audio-based experiences. Check our website for more information.

Notable Contributions:

  • Designed and implemented Touch + Tap which combines the advantage of Tap and normal touch screen which achieves finger distinction. And delivered the content with a unity package which could be downloaded here.

  • Implemented the mechanism of audio-based experiences with Tap which was selected for the delivery of the project.

  • Designed the event system for coding Sky of Echoes to solve the problem of the non-linear story implementation, and made the iteration process easier since modification will only be filling the .csv story chart.

  • Strong iteration and rapid prototyping process dealing with an edging technology.

  • Solved problems encountered while developing with Tap like adding reconnect function after Tap lose connection and synchronizing different inputs.

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Ruoxi Li

Visual Designer

Sky of Echoes

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Touch + Tap

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