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Cook & Ruin

Cook & Ruin.png


Meta 2 Game that bases on the story of preventing grandma's evil sister from stealing grandpa away. The guest is required to ruin the diner through 2 tasks.

Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure.png


Vive Experience that uses the camera function to provide an enjoyable journey of a safari park. The guest is required to take pictures of animals in the park and enjoy the moments of this adventure.

Photoshoot from Hell

Photoshoot from Hell.png


Kinect 2 Game that plays a joke on regular pose games. The guest is required to shake and wave the creepies away, while the game tells the guest to strike a pose.

Back Home

Back Home.png


Oculus Game that tells a story about the strong bond between human and dog. The guest is required to first play with the dog, and then use the rope to try to get back home with the guide of the dog's spirit.




Oculus plus Thrustmaster Multiplayer Game which combine the asymmetrical cooperation and battle to create a stress fun game. The guests will team up with two roles of driver and attacker, and their goal is to take the big gem back home.

4D Maze

4D Maze.png


PC Game that builds upon a random size 3 cubic maze. The guest is required to start from the corner of the maze to find a way to the center using the 4 dimensional movement.

Flexible Body Deformation

Softbody Deformation_edited.png


Position Based Dynamics (PBD) flexible body deformation method that implements in virtual thoracoscopic surgery.

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