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4D Maze

Game | Sep. 2018 (1 Week) | PC

For Round 0 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center. It's the first time I do a project using unity. I use the concept of 4 dimension which is like when you see from a non-intersect perspective of a 3d world, you will get a totally different 2d view, so when you see from a non-perspective of a 4d world, you will just get another 3d world. The guest in the game has the power of using 4d power which enables him/her to translate into different areas of the cubic maze. The goal is to reach the central core of the maze. 

Notable Contributions:

  • Random 3d maze generating method.

  • The cubic world setting with the cubic gizmo as a map.

4D Maze: Projects
4D Maze: Team Members

Jiajun Tan


4D Maze: Video Player
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